Help provide food, clothing  and essential supplies for the Children of Bethany Children's Home.

Meet The Founders Of Bethany Children's Home

Our Story:

It all began 13 years ago...

A humble Thai Pastor,  Prathuan Wanassri and his wife, Suphannee, were deeply moved by the plight of young Thai and Hill Tribes children who were at risk of both the sex trafficking industry and orphans, or in homes where one or both parents were in prison, or simply from devastating poverty.

And so they started reaching out to help these vulnerable children and Bethany Children's Home was born.

Today almost 40  beautiful children call Bethany their home.

Without Bethany Children's Home, many of these children would be at serious risk of the Sex Trafficking Industry.

Your help, no matter how small goes a very long way towards creating a bright, secure and happy future for some very vulnerable kids.

We believe that TOGETHER we really can make a difference!

Take a Tour and Meet the Children...

Many Thanks for this Video by Gordon Tickle

Two of the children are 10 years old they are cousins, they have never had a birthday party...

Nor a new dress, not even had the opportunity to blow out a candle upon a birthday cake as they unaware of the date they were born. Their fathers are in prison for life and their mothers have 14 children that they cannot support so Bethany was able to rescue them before they could be trafficked into the sex trade, beautiful children who have nothing but the love and support from Bethany.

The Children at Bethany have very little by way of home comforts...

But they share simple things like a net or a line strung between to posts and a ball so giving them a team game, and team spirit further fostering the feeling of Family and belonging. Feeding the Children is costly with not one penny of assistance from the government to help support this wonderful organisation, and the younger ones are well aware of the phrase hand me downs sometimes an item of clothing has had 8 different owners. If you feel like you would like to help these beautiful children we would be very grateful for even the smallest donation as every penny counts every day of their lives.

For as little as just $0.16 cents a day, you will be helping provide food, clothing and essential supplies for the Children at Bethany Children's Home.

Thank you!

ACCOUNT NAME: Bethany Children’s Home Foundation
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 036-3-57772-5
SWIFT CODE: kasithbk
BRANCH: Central Plaza Chiang Rai
ADDRESS OF BANK: 99/9 Moo 13, Robwiang, Muang, Chiang Rai Thailand, 57000

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